5. Haven’t uploaded a photo of myself in ages


  6. First College Assignment.

    Uses clips from Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Adventure Time, Rubber, Pulp Fiction, The Inbetweeners, and Regular Show.

    Also uses an instrumental version of Yonkers.

  7. Foals - Inhaler

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  8. oddfuture:

    New track from Earl called Chum.



    1. january 2012: this will be my year
    2. october 2012: never fucking mind

  9. Why do gigs always get announced when i’ve got no money :(


  11. Finally updated my tumblr for the first time in ages


  12. blazeberg:

    Does anyone else have problems distinguishing dreams from things that actually happened like sometimes I’ll have a memory of something but I literally have no idea if it happened in real life or a dream

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